Good Vibes at Flirt

A Kodak moment

The successful staging of last Friday's 'Flirt: Dancehall Reload' event, at the Barn on the campus of the University of Technology (UTech), did not come as a surprise to the organisers.

Promoted as a fund-raiser by UTech Marketing Seminar, the event attracted a large turnout of patrons.

“We were not surprised at the turnout that we got. The team was very confident, seeing the level of promotion and work that we put in. We had a goal for this event, which was to make it the best seminar event and provide the best experience for our patrons — and we delivered,” said Rajkumar Ramdas, a member of the organizing committee”.

From as early as 11:00 pm, patrons began streaming into the venue to enjoy the musical delights created by Montego Bay’s DJ Kentucky, Travelers Sound, and Team Shella, comprising Ikel Marvelous and Flabba Dabba.

“The vibe at ‘Flirt’ was good. Non-stop vibes and raving as the selectors kept a consistent pace throughout the night,” Ramdas added.

The event attracted mostly college and university students.

“We were able to capture our targeted demographic, which were the millennials, and they were satisfied with what we delivered. We also had a few older persons supporting the event who were also appreciative of the proceedings,” said Ramdas.

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