It’s Truly Etana


Etana will be releasing the first single, Truly, from her upcoming album, Gemini on March 20.

“The single is called Truly, a sexy love song with a little play on words and emotions. I wrote this song in ten minutes…a sweet love connection vibe,” Etana said.

She will be putting on three album launches for Gemini across two continents, one in Belgium on May 16, another in London on May 17, and then May 22 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The album will be released on the Free Mind Music label.

“The buzz is definitely building all over the industry for the album’s release,” she said.

Etana outlined the thought process behind the genesis of the Gemini project.

“They say a Gemini has two personalities, and is in-tuned with their inner spirit and are very creative. I have been working with a 90 per cent Gemini team for a little while without even recognizing it. So I’m just tapping into all of it. They also say Geminis can adjust and fit in well with all signs of the zodiac,” Etana revealed.

In the meantime, Etana is also confirmed to perform on gigs in Switzerland and England in August 2020.

In November, Etana released an eight-track EP dubbed Dimensions that landed at number two on iTunes UK and four on iTunes US. Gemini will be her seventh studio album.

“I intend to make this Gemini album an album that universal people of all ages, races, etcetera, will be proud to add to their music and vinyl collection,” she said.

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